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Day Services

Unity Care Group is excited to provide day services in the Montgomery county region! We provide non-medical transportation, homemaker/personal care, adult day support, meal preparation/assistance, personal care assistance, medication administration, community inclusion, skilled nursing, computer classes, exercise groups, non-denominational worship services, karaoke, cardio drumming classes, Zumba,  sensory stimulation activities, creative art, fine and large motor activities, scheduled in house activities and community trips, and so much more!

*Our client hours are 9:30am - 3pm, Monday through Friday.*

The expected outcome of our day services is to develop skills that lead to greater independence, community membership, relationship-building, self-direction, and self-advocacy.

We will meet with each individual and their support team to determine the specific needs and desires of each person and how we can best deliver those services while also making each day with us fun, memorable and filled with purpose and direction.

Services and Activities We Offer:

  • Adult Day Services

  • Non-Medical Transportation

  • Personal Care Assistance

  • Medication Administration

  • Community Activities

  • Small and Large Group Activities

  • Exercise Classes

  • Computer Classes

  • Worship Services

  • Art Classes

  • Sensory Room/Sensory Activities

  • Fine and Large Motor Activities

  • Karaoke ….. and more!

YOU decide what you want to get out of your days with us and we will work to help you get there. Whether it's acquiring a new skill, working on a current outcome, learning to navigate a computer, building relationships, trying something different... we are here to help!

Interested in our services?

Stop In!

650 Congress Park Drive

Centerville, OH 45459

Day Services Intake Packet
Contact Us!

Day Services - (937)723-6556

Fax - (937)949-3593


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